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Welcome to Dolly Angels School

Dolly Angels School (DAS) welcomes you and your child to a wonderful school experience.Your child's education begins with their kindergarten year a year that is filled with new and exciting experiences for children.
The medium of instruction in our school in ENGLISH.Syllabi is activity oriented.The subjects taught are English, Numbers, Nature study, Rhymes and Stories.These subjects will be assessed as per schedule.Inter and Intra school competitions will be conducted.Children's projects will be exhibited.Our curriculum is designed to nurture and challenge each child's diverse intellectual capabilities and talents, Flash cards guiding them to their full potential.
Teaching Aids
Music and singing, Nursery rhymes, CiFlashcards, Sensorial and Motor skill activities, Essential life skills, Show and Tell, Role play, Finger tracing, Gardening, Logical problem solving, Worksheet activities, Art and craft, Painting and drawing, Playdough creation, Bulletin board preparation, Field trips, Storytelling, Presentation skills and Outdoor play experience.
Tests & Examination
There are three evaluations. Continuous assessment will be done and recorded for each subject. Marks will be awarded for the project work and assignments given periodically.

Field Trips: Field Trips are an important part of the curriculum. We will notify you of any field trips that are planned through the communication diary or sms.
Group Activities: Group Activities will be conducted to enhance peer group association. These activities will be done by the students depending on the need of the hour.
Games & Sports
Indoor & Our door games will be organised and executed in a healthy environment.

Festivals and Celebrations: 
Festivals of national importance and other religious festival are celebrated to inculcate the spirit of nationality.
Books and Stationary: Books & stationery will be available in school stores.
General Points: The student should be obedient, well mannered and disciplined. Any misconduct of the student will be checked repeatedly, and it will be dealt accordingly and smoothly.
Timings & Conveyance
The school works from 9.00am to 12.30pm, every second Saturday of the month will be the holiday and public holidays as per government order. Van/Auto facility can be availed and will be charged according to terms and conditions of the school management.

Food & Drinks: Parents are responsible for providing a small dry snack and water every day. Please pack easy-to-eat and light snacks in small containers so that your children can eat by themselves and easily finish the food sent during break-time.